We provide:

  • Full-time education and care for children with autism and Down's syndrome: After a personal evaluation, we provide support according to intervention models such as ABA, TEACCH and the psychodynamic approach. We also help the child to develop his/her own communication skills following the Com-DEALL documentation of Bengalore and providing music therapy once a week. This specialised framework offers the child regular individual follow-up which takes his/her needs and intellectual capacities into account, so that s/he can progressively gain more autonomy and independence in his/her life.

  • A diagnostic and early intervention programme for every child.

  • Respect of the individuality and dignity of each child.

  • Family support through general reflection meetings and individual child follow-up, along with a real collaboration between parents and professional workers.

  • Within the school, we will soon offer a special educator training programme in autism as well as a place for documentation to promote awareness about autism.

  • Child Guidance Clinic (2012)
    A day at school...

    A typical day at school unfolds this way:

  • Welcome with a common activity:
            Prayer, telling the date, who is present at school today, poems, singing...

  • Two sessions in groups of two:
           A session in the classroom,
           A session in the sensory integration room.

  • Lunch & break

  • One afternoon session to develop creative skills:
           Modelling, kraft paper, drawing, etc.

  • A day at school...
    School details

    Opening times:

    Monday to Friday, 09:30 to 14:00


  • Transport available: DLW-Mahmoorganj-Sigra-Cantonment-Shivpur.
  • Tuition fees set up according to the family's level of income.

  • Contact & Admission:

    11/18D-16-A Chhatripur
    Gayatri Dham Colony, Shivpur
    Varanasi, UP, India

    English: +91-9473971667
    Hindi: +91-8765001795